Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Easy Scone Recipe

Yummy Scone Cake and Individual Scones

I catered my daughters 4th birthday party last week and I had to think of something that was easy to make as lately I've been so time poor. It was an afternoon tea party so what better option is there than scones?

I've always loved individual scones but the scone cake is a whole new world. I was introduced to it whilst studying my Certificate 4 in Interior Decorating. My teacher made the entire class two scone cakes on our last day and I was in charge of making the cream. By the end of the lesson nothing was left!!

She gave the recipe to everyone and I added a few more ingredients to the mix for the party.

I now call it the Kerry Selby Brown Scone Delight


100 grams unsalted butter
4 tbsp of icing sugar
4 1/2 cups self raising flour
1/2 cup of almond meal
Big pinch of salt
250 ml of thickened cream
1 1/2 teaspoons of Vanilla Extract
250ml of Milk

Scone Method

Cut up the butter into sticks
Sift flour, almond meal, icing sugar, and salt into a large bowl
Rub the butter through the flour mix until it resembles sand.
In a separate bowl mix the milk, cream and vanilla extract together.
Add the cream mixture to the flour mixture slowly stirring with a knife in a cutting motion.
Once combined use both hands to bring mixture together and knead for 10 seconds  MAXIMUM on a chopping board.
Cut it in half.
Roll out one half until it is 3-4 cm high. Place it on some baking paper on a baking tray and bake in oven heated to 210 C for 20 min.
Roll the other half out until it is 4 cm high. Use a round cookie cutter to cut out individual scones. Which ever size you like (but make sure they are all the same size). 
Again place on baking paper on baking tray and cook for 15-20 min in an oven that is 200 C or until they are golden brown.

Cream Ingredients

One tub of thickened cream 600mls
2-3 tablespoons of honey

Cream Method

Pour thickened cream into a bowl with the honey. You can use a stand mixer or hand held mixer and whisk on medium/high speed until you see firm peaks.
Make sure the cream is right out of the fridge before whipping!
Keep it refrigerated before serving. It should hold for a few hours in the fridge but I usually whip my cream 5 min before it is served.

Serve your scones with the cream and your favourite Jam



Monday, 26 November 2018

Coffee table books 101

Hi Everyone!!! 
One thing I've noticed since studying interior styling and Design is the lack of personality people inject into their homes. 
It's really not that difficult but we all know how we feel when we step into a well styled home...Fabulous!!
The home just communicates to you and describes the people living in it perfectly.
You can have this in your home too, and over time I will show you little things you can add to give your own personal touches.

One element you can add is a variety of coffee table or regular books. Remember your home is not just about displaying meaningless objects, it is about telling a story to your visitors and creating a space where you feel happy.

So what makes you happy?

My favourite things are Colour, flowers, pretty costume jewellery, detail and simplicity, interiors, travel and my family. 💗

What are yours?

Where to source good coffee table books?

Well the answer is... EVERYWHERE! When you are out and about keep an eye out for second hand stores, old book shops or new. Little homewares stores are great places too. You could even try gumtree or garage sales. 

I found this one during my internship at Temple and Webster. The studio peeps were clearing their warehouse and getting rid of a lot of styling props to make way for some new ones. 
I had to take this one home. 

Thanks guys!!!

The author writes about the funniest ways to experience the world. Like in this photo she asks you to find faces in random objects or nature aswell as a bunch of other interesting activities.

I saw this Chanel book at my local homeswares store My posh box. I opened it up to this page and it instantly reminded me of my mother. 

I later found it on Amazon here

and costume jewellery is my fav so Winner!

This one is one of my favourites too. The Flower Expert. You can pick it up on Amazon here.

The author Fleur McHarg (her first name means flower ) speaks about how different colours possess different meanings and her love affair with floristry. 

There is some serious flower inspiration for events in this book!!

This next book 'Paris in Bloom' just speaks to me. It's my birth city with flowers  all in one.
The images are divine and it honestly reminds me how magical Paris really is. (nostalgia kicking in big time)

You can find this book and the following on Amazon here. But you can literally type into the search engine anything you like for example 'Travel', 'Dior' etc, followed by 'coffee table book', and see what pops up.

The following books are interior ones that I love and reflect my style.

I particularly like this one because it showcases a real french country home. The furniture is so similar to what my grandmother's furniture was like and how it was arranged. 

Always a dog in a French home 

And last but not least a pretty book I picked up from my local salvos store. It was in such great condition and was only $4. Bargain!!!

Pretty little crafty station. So me!!

So what do you like? What makes you happy? Try finding some special books that speak your style and language to put in your abode. Place them on your entry or coffee table. Place them under a lamp.
But most importantly don't forget to pick them up to read and enjoy them with a nice cup of tea and some yummy Tim Tams. 
 But try not to smudge the pages 😉

Thanks for dropping by

Easy Scone Recipe

Yummy Scone Cake and Individual Scones I catered my daughters 4th birthday party last week and I had to think of something that was e...